Green is the New Black: Changing the Future of Earth

by brian on June 11, 2013


This guest blog post was written by Sam Marquit, an independent ‘green’ contractor and co-author of Fair Marquit Value


Years ago, when I was an independent contractor, I began looking for green materials and designing green building practices to help my clients conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprints. Now that I’m a commercial contractor, it’s become an increasing joy to see that so many businesses want to contribute to this movement as well. Many businesses don’t realize that their practices aren’t environmentally friendly or socially conscious. It’s capitalism at its finest. However, these organizations and businesses are trying to do something different that will ultimately have a great impact on the future of our world.

Most of the issues regarding global warming and pollution can be resolved with a little education and training. That’s the thought process behind the Go Green Initiative. This program is focused on helping others live a more green life and make eco-conscious decisions. The organization speaks to schools, businesses, organizations and homeowners about the different and innovative ways that they use different products, technology and services to change towards a greener lifestyle. Most of all, Go Green focuses on helping children to learn about ways that they can be more green and choose environmentally friendly products.

The Marriott is recognized as one of the biggest hotel chains in the world. So when a hotel this size decides to make a major change to its operations, other businesses take notice. Recently, the Marriott bought 24 million recyclable and biodegradable key cards made from corn by-product. This change reduced 66 tons of plastic waste that would have otherwise been dumped into landfills. Moves like this one are really inspiring and show that hotels have a major impact, especially for eco-friendly travelers. However, there is a lot more that hotels can do to make things different and really affect communities in a grand way. For one thing, they can choose recycling programs, waste reuse and solar energy to reduce their carbon footprints and conserve energy.

This hotel is just phenomenal when it comes to green practices and materials. The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort recently won “The Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America” award. The reason behind this award comes from a variety of different green practices all working together in the same building. The hotel has water recycling programs, waste reuse program and solar panels used for heat and energy. In addition, you can find recyclable materials, low flow toilets and much more at this eco-friendly hotel.

It’s inspiring to see so many businesses and organizations doing something for the planet. The number is only increasing, especially in Nevada where green Las Vegas hotels continue to go up. Just by doing something innovative, these businesses are changing the way that people think about green energy and environmentally friendly living. With that in mind, I think that businesses can definitely look for more ways to be eco-conscious and continuously improve upon their business practices to reduce their own carbon footprints. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long road before we are able to get our Earth back in order.


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